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Agrani Bank | Ali Hossain Prodhania, Head of International Division

We have been able to increase the number of transactions by over 400%, remitted amount by over 200% and profitability by 150% while keeping the remittance charges the same… Since adopting this system we have received a 5 star customer satisfaction rating based on customer feedback. Moreover, the level of one-to-one support we receive from RemitONE is unparalleled.

Caleen Financial Services | Peter Molders, COO

RemitONE’s money transfer platform copes very well with our transaction volume and has the necessary functionality to meet our business, regulatory and customer needs. We are pleased with the system’s performance and the level of support we receive from the RemitONE team.

Developing Markets Associates | Leon Isaacs, Managing Director

The RemitONE platform has been built to meet the needs of all types of banks and money transfer operators. It has been developed with a thorough understanding of the remittance market and therefore addresses the specific needs of the industry – this contrasts with a number of other systems which are really adjusted banking systems and are not appropriate for remittance operations. The RemitONE platform is appropriate for businesses around the world and is particularly strong for managing agent networks and compliance.

First Express | Edward Bayorson, Director

Your software would win a gold medal in any money transfer software competition.

Gambians Abroad | Mr Manlafy Jammeh, CEO

I have received exceptional support from RemitONE. They have been extremely professional, patient and helpful.

Kabayan Remit | Simon Roberts, Finance Director

After reviewing several money transfer platforms we decided on RemitONE because of the flexibility of the platform and the client focussed service provided by the whole team at RemitONE. They understand the money transfer sector and take a professional, business orientated view to effectively support Kabayan Remit’s rapid growth.

Krores | Dominic Higgins, VP Operations

We have pioneered the use of remittance delivery to non-bank account associated ATM cards, and so choosing the right technology partner was very important for us. The RemitONE MTMS was a perfect choice – powerful, advanced and reliable. The RemitONE technology team seamlessly linked our third party exchange houses with the RemitONE MTMS via web services which made it very easy for us to successfully implement our unique business model.

L68 Consulting | David Lambert, CEO

I work closely with RemitONE on a number of Money Service Business opportunities and RemitONE continue to be enormously diligent and professional in their approach to the sector.

Masrico | Majd El-Masri, Vice-President

I am really pleased to be working with RemitONE. They have a credible name, a fantastic product and a great team of professionals.

Mode Holdings | Mr Shaik Vali Ahmed, IT Manager

RemitONE is an innovative company that has risen rapidly in the remittance space. The key ingredients for this success, I feel, are the people RemitONE employs and the sophisticated, robust and secure money transfer platform RemitONE has produced.

Moneygram and Travelex/Coinstar | Mohit Davar, Former CEO

RemitONE has created a global ecosystem of money transfer operators using its proven platforms and consulting services. RemitONE provides efficiency for all the stakeholders in the remittance chain.

Pro Legal Compliance | Munir Khan, Senior Compliance Director

The RemitONE platform has been instrumental in helping our clients get reauthorised with the UK regulator under the second Payment Services Directive.

Real Transfer | Juliano de Moraes, CEO

I am very happy with the RemitONE system and even more with your customer service. I can tell that you really value your customers. My compliments!

RemTech | RemTech Judging Panel

RemitONE’s solution shows that they understand the problem that needs to be addressed and have built a solution to it, rather than many others which have a solution but are not addressing a real-world problem. It is particularly noteworthy because their solution helps not just MTOs but regulators as well and could make a major difference to the problem of de-risking.

Rogin Financial | Rolando Jr Corbeta

I can’t thank you enough for all the assistance you have given me. For a businessman venturing into this new endeavour, you made things easier by providing me with all the information I need and making sure that everything is being taken care of. Whenever I have queries, you are quick to respond and ready to assist… I would highly recommend your product and services to my colleagues in Lending, who want to venture into the MSB business space. Your service is unmatched… I can say this as a very satisfied RemitONE customer.

Tempo France | Jeffrey Phaneuf, CEO

We pay great attention to the efficiency of our IT systems, combining such vital components as security of transfers, anti-money laundering policies and many more client conveniences and services. Having exchanged our views of possible collaboration with our colleagues at RemitONE, we came to the conclusion that they can perfectly meet our demands and high operational standards. The team at RemitONE are dynamic professionals who thoroughly understand the money transfer industry.

United Bank for Africa | Lanre Bamisebi , CIO

We implemented RemitONE in UBA for 18 countries. We had a short implementation timeline and a couple of customization and integration with our core system and other solutions. The timeline for completion was very aggressive, but with the relentless support of RemitONE staff and management we were able to go live on time, within cost and the solution surpassed its proposed benefits. I need to mention that the implementation and post go – live were all done remotely; this speaks to the flexibility and agility of the solution and the adaptability of the RemitONE implementation team.

United Bank for Africa | Nkiru Udechukwu, Product Manager

RemitONE’s platform is robust, easy to use, dogged and at the same time affordable. The system does not require rigorous training or technical skills. We make bold to say that procurement of RemitONE revolutionised the profitability of Africash as the product has recorded huge in crease in profitability. The product moved from a nominal product to one of the bank’s flagship products since the introduction of the platform due to the improvement it brought in the areas of swift transaction processing and quality of service. In fact, all staff have become ambassadors for Africash due to the efficiency of the system. Riding on RemitONE, Africash has turned loss making and low performing offices to super profit business offices in the bank. Income made in the first year of RemitONE deployment has exceeded the past 4 years income.

United Commercial Bank | Sohrab Mustafa, SVP & Head of ID

The speed with which RemitONE were able to deliver an advanced money transfer management solution with bespoke features we requested is amazing. We deal with many agents using different remittance systems sending us transaction information in various formats. RemitONE MTMS has helped us overcome this issue and has allowed us to penetrate new markets and manage remittance data in an automated manner.

Unity Link | Maureen Williams, Operations Manager

The RemitONE platform has allowed us to expand our business operations at an accelerated pace without compromising on KYC and AML compliance. RemitONE’s support team are always responsive, friendly, professional,and helpful.

ZamZam Exchange | Gulzar Ahmed, Operations Manager

We know very little about computer systems but RemitONE is so easy to use we were fully operational within days.  Support from the RemitONE team is excellent so we don’t need any technical knowledge to run the system.

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