Middle-East MTO

Middle-East MTO


Send from UAE; Receive in Africa & Philippines

Business Problem
The MTO required a dramatic revamp of its software in order to run its business more effectively and make use of RemitONE’s APIs.

RemitONE Money Transfer Engine, RemitONE Connections, RemitONE API

Mobile wallets, Accelerated expansion, Digital flexibility

Middle East MTO chooses the RemitONE Money Transfer Platform for Expansion and Flexibility

One of the biggest players serving the UAE's cosmopolitan community chose RemitONE’s industry-leading money transfer SaaS platform and extensive network to help them expand into new corridors and process transactions in a hybrid way. By working with RemitONE, they have been able to expand their footprint and make use of our industry-leading web service, while utilising their own front-end system.


The Middle-East MTO is proud to serve the UAE’s cosmopolitan community through its 70+ strong network, spanning all Emirates. Reinforced by strong relationships with over 150 global corresponding banks, financial institutions, and other financial service providers.

They chose RemitONE’s industry-leading Money Transfer Platform to support their expansion and help with digital flexibility.

Business Challenge

The MTO required a dramatic revamp of its software in order to run its business more effectively. Notably, they required a solution that overcame several business challenges, including:

  • Gain a license to operate in the UK.
  • Require an API to create transactions on the RemitONE system.
  • Require a way to send and payout transactions digitally.


RemitONE provided the Middle-East MTO with the following solutions:

  • Money Transfer Engine™ (MTE), the industry-leading money transfer platform used by banks and MTOs worldwide.
  • Agent Remittance Manager™ (ARM), the agent-based money transfer system.
  • Online Remittance Manager™ (ORM), the online remittance platform.
  • Access to RemitONE APIs to enable them to create transactions on the RemitONE platform while utilising their own front end for sending and payout.
  • RemitONE Connections™, the extensive network of integrations which allows clients to gain access to new partners and corridors.

Business Benefits

Since adopting the RemitONE Platform, they have experienced the following benefits:

Mobile Wallets – RemitONE were able to provide the MTO with access to our APIs, allowing them to create, send and payout transactions and make use of mobile wallets.

Accelerated Expansion – As a client of RemitONE, they benefit from introductions to the vast RemitONE network, helping them to expand their client base.

Digital Flexibility – They have made use of the RemitONE Platform alongside our APIs, allowing them to function in a hybrid way as they shift from an agent-based model to a more digital model. At the moment they process 100% of their transactions through RemitONE’s API and their own front-end system, with most of these transfers sent from or paid out to mobile wallets.

Transaction Growth – The business has seen dramatic growth since adopting the RemitONE platform in 2016. From 2017 to the present day they have realised a 168% increase in their transaction growth, including a 35% increase in transaction growth in the past year alone!

Future Plans

The MIddle-East-based MTO is excited to expand into new corridors and connect with other RemitONE clients, enabling others to go to market quicker.

They also plan to continue developing their offering with the goal of converting their app into a ‘Super App’, including new features such as cryptocurrency facilities.

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