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Land, expand and flourish in your chosen markets

The completeness and excellence of our money transfer platform combined with the quality of our team will get you perfectly established to support your money transfer operation, irrespective of which markets and how complex the integration points may be.

We recognise that the largest money transfer operators need more than just technology solutions. You need a partner that understands the challenges you are facing and keeps you ahead of the competition. Whether you are an existing remittance firm who wants to revitalise the business or a significant player in other markets who wants to make a mark in money transfer, RemitONE has the skills, the solutions and the culture to support the changes you need to make, and support your continued performance.

Well Established

Approach your market with confidence

A solid customer base and financial stability makes RemitONE a long term player in the money transfer market. Our longevity and experience aligns us well with our Enterprise clients who also take a longer term approach to the market.

Solutions for money transfer. It’s all we do, it’s all we’ve ever done. We have a singular focus which is to make the best software platform for the industry with the best people for the best organisations. We use highly educated, highly skilled professionals based in London – the epicentre of financial services worldwide. Our excellent customer base and long term stability allows us to invest in the right areas that take your business to where you want it to be.


Grow as much as you like. The sky’s the limit!

RemitONE’s hosted platform or the on-premise solution provide limitless scalability that can support whatever volumes you may have now, and aspire to have in the future. The solution is architected to support very high volumes of transactions, customers and agents.

We’ve all been there, invested in a system that gets you from A to B, only to find it can’t get you to C – let alone any further! Such a situation becomes a significant barrier to growth, and making the change becomes an expensive, risky project that is not for the faint hearted. We have created a single platform that is so well designed that it takes you through the growth barriers without the need to switch. Not only that but you can add functionality as you expand the services you provide. Plus, because we host it you don’t need to worry about the infrastructure underneath.

Future Proof

Take advantage of new opportunities

RemitONE are both technology and money transfer experts. Continuous development and regular software updates allows our Enterprise clients to take full advantage of what new technologies can do for their operation, with the assurance that it will be delivered in a secure, scalable and resilient platform.

There’s hardly been a more exciting time for technology – and the business opportunities it brings. The convergence of the internet and mobile creates the opportunity to put our functionality and your brand right in front of your customers. This gives them the power to do more with you. The immediate future promises to be equally as transformative. For example, the emergence of software ‘bots’ could transform how remittances are made across the globe. We’re ready when you are!

Security & Compliance

Secure transactions from any device, with full compliance

Rules-based multi-region KYC, AML and regulatory reporting. Volume and velocity checks, data confidentiality and segregation, data protection, blocklists and state level laws (US). SSL encryption, real time data replication and data access security. Role-based user access, time and/or IP/MAC address based login restrictions, a 2 stage transaction authorisation and fingerprint authentication.

Are security and compliance a necessary evil or a passion? At RemitONE, we regard both as opportunities for the remittance industry. Having effective security (especially at transaction level) is crucial for you to protect your customers’ money and personal data. Effective compliance is crucial to you being regarded as a trusted player in your chosen markets. Both are critical to protecting your brand. This sentiment drives our determination to offer the best security and compliance in the market.

Professional Services

Emphasise your individuality

Our product and technical experts will help you configure our platform to support your particular business strategy, operation and unique differentiators - allowing you to create your own space in the market but with the assurance that you have solid business and compliance processes.

SetUp, Training & Documentation

Hit the ground running

Some things should never go out of fashion. RemitONE delivers a clear set-up and training program that ensures you get off to the right start and get immediate and ongoing benefit from your new money transfer platform. Robust documentation to help new users find their way around.

Support & Maintenance

To prevent hiccups becoming hurdles

Guaranteed response times and prioritisation together with clearly defined escalation procedures ensure that you have optimum 24/7 support which can be initiated by a call or online. Our mission is to provide the expert support that keeps your business running smoothly and effectively.

What Others Say

RemitONE is an innovative company that has risen rapidly in the remittance space. The key ingredients for this success, I feel, are the people RemitONE employs and the sophisticated, robust and secure money transfer platform RemitONE has produced.

Mr Shaik Vali Ahmed, IT Manager
Mode Holdings

Every successful business needs reliable technology. Within a very short span of time, Daytona Capital Management has risen to provide money transfer services to over 30 countries. This could not have been possible without the support and ‘technological backbone’ provided to us by RemitONE.

Mr Sohail Nizami, Executive Director
Daytona Capital Management, UK

We know very little about computer systems but RemitONE is so easy to use we were fully operational within days.  Support from the RemitONE team is excellent so we don’t need any technical knowledge to run the system.

Gulzar Ahmed, Operations Manager
ZamZam Exchange

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