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Everything you need, instantly delivered in a hassle-free fully hosted platform, including compliance (KYC, AML, regulatory reporting), agent management, online self-service, money transfer app, and the market leading money transfer software. Only pay for the modules your business needs.

Our bold claim is backed up by the assurance that everything we do is fully tested and is in operation in the market today. The business rules engine that underpins our remittance system ensures that your business can operate at maximum efficiency – providing the best possible money transfer functionality with fewer of your own resources to do so.

It offers robust, reliable security and sophisticated compliance - protecting your customers and your brand. Being cloud based makes it rapidly deployable and always up to date. Also, you get access to RemitONE’s worldwide Connections to allow your network to grow quickly.

& Scalable

Our Platform comes with a lot built in but is designed as a modular system that can scale to your needs. With a host of functionality and features available, the RemitONE money transfer system is the platform of choice for money transfer business that are serious about growth.



Money Transfer Engine (MTE)

  • Fully Hosted & Supported
  • Secure and accessible from anywhere
  • Modular system for easy expansion
  • Integrated with Compliance Manager

Online Remittance Manager (ORM)


Mobile Agent Remittance Manager (M-ARM)


Bureau de Change


Agent Remittance Manager (ARM)


Mobile Remittance Manager (MRM)


Features Highlight

Top-up & Pay Bills

Top-up & Pay Bills

Increase your income through Mobile Top-ups and Utility Bill payments

Lets your customers securely top-up mobile phones of friends and family from anywhere to anywhere around the globe. And let them securely pay utility bills directly either at home or elsewhere. Adds value to your customer relationship and earns additional transaction income for you.



Provide a secure virtual wallet to your customers

E-Wallet, a valuable tool for your customers to eliminate the risk of carrying cash. It helps those without local bank accounts and allows them to keep money safe and pay bills more easily as well as budget more effectively. Plus, they only have one company to deal with - you!

Promotions & Loyalty

Promotions & Loyalty

Attract and retain the customers you want

Reward loyal customers and run promotional campaigns to attract new ones. Configure sophisticated rules for promotional discounts based on time periods, remitter activity and more. Strengthen the loyalty of existing customers, encouraging them to do more with you and build on new customer relationships.

ID Verification

ID Verification

Automated KYC at registration

Online ID checks, including passport and address verification against remitters when they register or attempt to send money over a certain value. Supports and automates the registration KYC process, making it much more efficient.



Stay informed, stay in control

Pre-built graphical visualisations of key measures to help you make better decisions. Transaction history (volumes and status), live transactions, transactions by corridor or transactions by country. Performance data for agents and branches. Rates history and country to country transaction analyses.

Seamless Updates

Seamless Updates

Stay with us, stay ahead

RemitONE continually develops the product suite to enhance its capability, exploit new technologies and keep abreast of industry trends. All customers benefit from continuous improvements to our feature list.



Current features include:


Increase transaction volumes by accessing the send and pay-out networks of the world’s leading banks and MTOs via API, FTP, etc.


Supporting a wider business network.


Operate across different currency domains.


Operate in more countries with more agents.

Multiple Transaction Types

Account, cash collection, home delivery, prepaid card, etc. - supports more business transactions.

Flexible Fees Management

Keep a handle on your expenses and commissions.

FX Rates Management

Make extra revenue by staying on top of your FX rates.

Complaints Management

Operate an effective complaints handling process.


For sanctions screening - check international block-lists to keep you on the right side of anti-money laundering regulations.

SMS Notifications

Increase customer satisfaction with up-to-date transaction statuses.

Card Payments

Take secure payment by card, eliminating the need for cash.


Robust and reliable security to ensure that every transaction cannot be tampered with, whatever platform is used.

Real-Time Profit/Loss Monitoring

Ensure that every single transaction delivers value to your business.

“The RemitONE platform has been built to meet the needs of all types of banks and money transfer operators. It has been developed with a thorough understanding of the remittance market and therefore addresses the specific needs of the industry - this contrasts with a number of other systems which are really adjusted banking systems and are not appropriate for remittance operations. The RemitONE platform is appropriate for businesses around the world and is particularly strong for managing agent networks and compliance.”

Leon Isaacs, Managing Director, Developing Markets Associates

What Others Say

We implemented RemitONE in UBA for 18 countries. We had a short implementation timeline and a couple of customization and integration with our core system and other solutions. The timeline for completion was very aggressive, but with the relentless support of RemitONE staff and management we were able to go live on time, within cost and the solution surpassed its proposed benefits. I need to mention that the implementation and post go – live were all done remotely; this speaks to the flexibility and agility of the solution and the adaptability of the RemitONE implementation team.

Lanre Bamisebi , CIO
United Bank for Africa

RemitONE is an innovative company that has risen rapidly in the remittance space. The key ingredients for this success, I feel, are the people RemitONE employs and the sophisticated, robust and secure money transfer platform RemitONE has produced.

Mr Shaik Vali Ahmed, IT Manager
Mode Holdings

We have been able to increase the number of transactions by over 400%, remitted amount by over 200% and profitability by 150% while keeping the remittance charges the same… Since adopting this system we have received a 5 star customer satisfaction rating based on customer feedback. Moreover, the level of one-to-one support we receive from RemitONE is unparalleled.

Ali Hossain Prodhania, Head of International Division
Agrani Bank

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