Simple monthly pricing options.

Pricing designed to get you started quickly and support your growth.

We operate a monthly subscription model which spreads out the cost of your investment. There is a modest one off set-up fee which includes training and customised branding.

Two easy ways to get started.

Existing Players


  • Replace old technology with a scalable cloud based platform
  • Launch new services to increase revenue/streams
  • Enter new corridors and expand your operation with our Connections™

New Entrants


  • Our unique Launchpad™ service tailored to meet your needs
  • Access to expert consulting to get your licenses & bank accounts
  • Ideal for start-ups or entering a new market

Cloud-hosted Editions

Standard, Professional and Enterprise which reflect your volume of business.

All prices exclude applicable Taxes

GBP (£) USD ($)


Included Monthly Transactions

Per Transaction Charge

One-Off Setup Fee

Monthly Rental


Money Transfer Engine™ (MTE)?

Compliance Manager™ (COM)?

Agent Remittance Manager™ (ARM)?

Online Remittance Manager™ (ORM)?

Mobile Remittance Manager™ (MRM)?

Bureau De Change?


RemitONE Intelligence™?

RemitONE Integrations™?

Regulatory Reports?

Advanced Reporting?

Transaction Auto-routing?

FX Rate Provider?

SMS Gateway?

Payment Gateway?

FTP Transaction Import/Export?

ID Verification?

Promotions Manager?

Postcode Verification?

Web Services API Transaction Import/Export?

Bi-directional Agents?


Premium Hosting?

Ideal for Growing






Ideal for Established






Ideal for Corporates







All Editions Include:

  • Custom Branding and Setup Within 10 Business Days
  • Unlimited Users & Countries
  • New Feature Updates, User Manuals, Training & Setup Support
  • Server Hosting & System Maintenance (Monitoring, Fault Checking, Optimising, Backups)

Support Options

Flexible support packages to suit your budget.

We offer 4 levels of support packages to suit your situation and budget – Gold, Silver, Bronze and PAYG. Each level gives you access to the same high level of expertise but differ by the number of monthly incidents included. But don’t worry if you need extra support in one particular month – you can top up your monthly support package with ad-hoc incident support if need be.





Pay As You Go (PAYG)












£480 PCM

£250 PCM

£120 PCM


Sale Licence

On-premise sale option where preferred.

For those firms who must have our solution on their premises, or who simply prefer to buy rather than rent, we offer a sale licence.

The sale licence includes Enterprise level functionality, unlimited transactions, training, and access to RemitONE Connections™. For the on-premise option, the client is responsible for keeping the production system running in line with the requirements of the business.


Common Questions

  • Q. What systems do I need to run RemitONE software?

    A. None, it is fully hosted by us. You just need web access.

  • Q. As it’s hosted by you, is up-time guaranteed?

    A. Yes, the different Editions have different levels of guarantee starting at 95% up-time and rising to 99%

  • Q. Is support included?

    A. Yes, free telephone and email support is included for an initial period depending on the Edition you choose. Thereafter support is charged per incident, or as part of a pre-agreed monthly support package, depending on urgency of response required. (Incidents due to failure of service are not chargeable).

  • Q. Is there a per user charge?

    A. No, there is no limit to the number of users you can add in the system.

  • Q. RemitONE Integrations sounds great. Do I pay extra for that?

    A. RemitONE Integrations are offered for FREE in order to allow you to increase your transaction volumes rapidly.

  • Q. Do I need different licenses for each country I operate in?

    A. No, you can operate in any country - subject to you having the correct regulatory license, but we can help you with that too through RemitONE Consulting.

  • Q. What do we pay for feature updates?

    A. Nothing, they are included in your monthly subscription charges.

  • Q. What do you charge for backing up our data?

    A. Nothing, it is included in the monthly subscription.

  • Q. Do we have access to manuals and training?

    A. Yes, manuals are included in the fee, and initial training is included in the set-up fee.

  • Q. We want the platform to reflect our branding - when can we do that?

    A. Yes, custom branding is included and we promise to set it up within 10 business days.

RemitONE Launchpad™

All the ingredients you need to launch your money service business.

RemitONE Launchpad™ is a unique service specifically designed to help you rapidly launch your money service business. The customised proposal is packed with valuable information and key contacts you’ll need to commence trading.

We’ll discuss your objectives and requirements and then send you details of the areas the Launchpad™ proposal will cover. We’ll also inform you of costs and timescales so you can plan your launch. Once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll get to work!

In addition to the Launchpad™ proposal, we’ll formally introduce you to all our partners mentioned in the proposal so you can make commercial agreements with them.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast and reliable route to start your money service business
  • All the key information and contacts in one place, saving you time and money
  • Instantly access the global money transfer market
  • Discounted rates from all our partners

The RemitONE Launchpad™

The key ingredients you'll need to setup a money transfer business

How we can help you with your Money Service Business (MSB) license

Different types of MSB licenses and their timescales and costs

Connect you to our supply chain partners – including payment gateways, acquiring banks, SMS gateways, and more

Connect you to third party send & payout entities in countries of interest to you

Take advantage of new trends and opportunities in the industry


Common Questions

  • Q. Who can purchase the Launchpad™ proposal?

    A. The Launchpad™ proposal only applies to companies registered/looking to register in the UK, Europe, Nigeria, Canada and the United States.

  • Q. How much does the Launchpad™ proposal cost?

    A. After our initial discussions with you to understand your objectves and requirements, we can provide you with a cost. The proposal will be detailed, comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs. Our prices are very reasonable and you will be paying a fraction of the cost in comparison to what consultants will charge for the same service.

  • Q. Can I pay in instalments for the Launchpad™ proposal?

    A. No, full payment must be made before we commence work.

  • Q. How will I get connected to key individuals that are within the RemitONE Ecosystem™?

    A. Along with the delivery of the proposal, we will formally introduce you via email to all our partners mentioned in the Launchpad™ proposal. If you and the partner decide to work together, you will need to sign agreements directly with them.

  • Q. Do I get any special offers from your partners if I purchase the Launchpad™ proposal?

    A. Yes, you will get special rates from our partners recommended to you in the Launchpad™ proposal. These partners include payment gateways, SMS gateways, and more.

  • Q. Do I have to use the RemitONE platform if I purchase the Launchpad™ proposal?

    A. No, you do not need to use RemitONE as a software vendor for your money remittance business.

  • Q. Once I’ve received the Launchpad™ proposal from RemitONE, how long will it take for me to establish my business and what will be the costs prior to going live?

    A. There are various components you need to consider before you can commence operations, including: company setup (if required), a proven compliant software platform (we can provide this), MSB License application, MSB accounts, send/payout networks, etc. Hence, the timescales will vary. The Launchpad™ proposal will contain estimated timeframes and costs for each component.

What Others Say

The RemitONE platform has been built to meet the needs of all types of banks and money transfer operators. It has been developed with a thorough understanding of the remittance market and therefore addresses the specific needs of the industry – this contrasts with a number of other systems which are really adjusted banking systems and are not appropriate for remittance operations. The RemitONE platform is appropriate for businesses around the world and is particularly strong for managing agent networks and compliance.

Leon Isaacs, Managing Director
Developing Markets Associates

Every successful business needs reliable technology. Within a very short span of time, Daytona Capital Management has risen to provide money transfer services to over 30 countries. This could not have been possible without the support and ‘technological backbone’ provided to us by RemitONE.

Mr Sohail Nizami, Executive Director
Daytona Capital Management, UK

RemitONE is an innovative company that has risen rapidly in the remittance space. The key ingredients for this success, I feel, are the people RemitONE employs and the sophisticated, robust and secure money transfer platform RemitONE has produced.

Mr Shaik Vali Ahmed, IT Manager
Mode Holdings

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