Simple monthly pricing options.

Pricing designed to get you started quickly and support your growth.

We operate a monthly subscription model which spreads out the cost of your investment. There is a modest one off set-up fee which includes training and customised branding.

Two easy ways to get started.

Existing Players


  • Replace old technology with a scalable cloud based platform
  • Launch new services to increase revenue/streams
  • Enter new corridors and expand your operation with our Connections™

New Entrants


  • Three unique services tailored to get your business off the ground
  • Access to expert consulting to get your licenses & bank accounts
  • Ideal for start-ups or entering a new market

Cloud-hosted Editions

Standard, Professional and Enterprise which reflect your volume of business.

Standard Edition

Ideal for newcomers

A one-stop solution to get your business well established.

If this is you:

A recently started or ready-to-start business.

Serving your local community with a single branch.

Wanting to launch an online/mobile service.

And you are looking for:

  • A fully hosted platform from a trusted provider.
  • A compliant solution with all the features of high-end systems.
  • Easy set up and minimum upfront investment.
  • Flexibility for over-the-counter, agent based, online and mobile remittance.
  • Support to get you going and then when needed.
  • Remains cost-effective as your business scales up.

Professional Edition

Ideal for growing businesses

Let us take care of the tech so you can focus on growing your business.

If this is you:

Want to expand but you’re facing system challenges.

Sending to multiple countries or agents from multiple locations.

Want to be able to offer airtime, utility bill payment, prepaid cards, etc.

And you are looking for:

  • A scalable and fully hosted platform with guaranteed uptime and tailored support.
  • Integrated compliance management to meet ever-evolving regulations.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency, ready for any region anytime.
  • Easily manage agents, agent hierarchy, fees, rates, loyalties, etc.
  • Track all aspects of transaction life-cycle - compliance-held, complaints, etc.
  • Out-of-the-box online/mobile interface or use your own.
  • Extensive reporting including regulatory reports.

Enterprise Edition

Ideal for banks, Telcos and large MTOs

You’ll be partnering with an end-to-end provider that understands the remittance industry and how to support and grow a large, complex remittance business.

If this is you:

A bank, Telco or retail outlet with a large customer base. You now want to offer remittances.

A large MTO with multiple sending locations and payout partners.

A payout agent in 1 or more countries, paying to bank accounts, cards, cash collection, mobiles, etc.

And you are looking for:

  • The latest, secure, robust and scalable remittance system that keeps you ahead of the competition.
  • Rapid connections to remittance entities to expand your business globally.
  • Multi-lingual, multi-currency. Copes with any region.
  • Complete transaction life-cycle monitoring.
  • KYC, AML, blacklists, PEP-lists, volume/velocity checks and all aspects of regulatory compliance and reporting.
  • Effectively manage agent hierarchies, rates, commissions & performance.
  • Offer online and mobile options, or use your own front-ends.
  • Accommodate your own business rules, make custom changes if necessary.
  • Extensive reporting on every activity of your business plus create custom reports.
  • Management reporting to spot trends and act on them.
  • Premium hosting with high availability and Disaster Recovery.
  • A dedicated account manager and 24/7 support.


On-Premise Sale Option

For those firms who must have our solution on their premises, or who simply prefer to buy rather than rent, we offer a Sale Licence.

The Sale Licence includes Enterprise level functionality and unlimited transactions. The client is responsible for keeping the production system running in line with the requirements of the business.


Common Questions

  • Q. What systems do I need to run RemitONE software?

    A. None, it is fully hosted by us. You just need web access.

  • Q. As it’s hosted by you, is up-time guaranteed?

    A. Yes, the different Editions have different levels of guarantee up to 99.9%

  • Q. Is support included?

    A. Yes, free support is included for an initial period. Thereafter support is charged per incident, or as part of a pre-agreed monthly support package. (Incidents due to failure of service are not chargeable).

  • Q. Is there a per user charge?

    A. No, there is no limit to the number of users you can add in the system.

  • Q. Do I need different licenses for each country I operate in?

    A. No, you can operate in any country - subject to you having the correct regulatory license, but we can help you with that too through RemitONE Consulting.

  • Q. What do we pay for feature updates?

    A. Nothing, they are included in your monthly subscription charges.

  • Q. What do you charge for backing up our data?

    A. Nothing, it is included in the monthly subscription.

  • Q. Do we have access to manuals and training?

    A. Yes, manuals are included in the fee, and initial training is included in the set-up fee.

  • Q. We want the platform to reflect our branding - when can we do that?

    A. Yes, custom branding is included and we promise to set it up within 10 business days.

RemitONE Consulting™

For new entrants to the market, we have three unique offerings to get your business going and overcome the major hurdles of getting a license, a bank account, a compliant technology platform and quickly building a business network.

RemitONE Launchpad

A tailored proposal to launch your operations


RemitONE Nucleus

Access to the right license for your money service business


RemitONE Proton

Access to a remittance bank account solution


RemitONE Launchpad™

The ingredients you need to rapidly launch your money service business.

Our unique service specifically designed to help you rapidly launch your money service business. This customised proposal is packed with valuable information and recommended partners you’ll need to start trading, including business plans, costs and timescales so you can plan your launch with confidence!

RemitONE Launchpad™

Fast and reliable route to start your money service business

Understand licensing options available to you, including costs & timescales

Connects you to third party send & pay-out entities in countries of interest to you

Discounted rates from our partners, including payment gateways, acquiring banks, SMS gateways and more

Be ready for new trends and opportunities as they emerge

RemitONE Nucleus™

Money transfer license solutions for money service businesses in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Americas

We have a great track record of helping new Money Service Businesses with the challenging task of getting a Small Payment Institution (SPI), Authorised Payment Institution (API), Small E-Money Institution (SEMI) or Authorised E-Money Institution (AEMI) license. Importantly, our technology underpins the entire application process by demonstrating to the regulator that you plan to use a proven and compliant platform to run your MSB.

RemitONE Nucleus™

You’ll have experts guiding you

You’ll be able to show a compliant test system

You can quickly move to go-live

You could cover multiple geographies

You can connect with our network of clients, partners and third-party service providers through RemitONE Connections™

For each of these services, terms and conditions apply.

RemitONE Proton™

Remittance bank account solutions for money service businesses

A remittance bank account is a segregated client bank account provided by a bank processor and can be used for settlements by your customers via online transfers or merchant payments. But they’re not necessarily easy to get, with banks eager to manage downrisk. By working with RemitONE you’ll be working with experts who know what it takes to get you what you need to start trading.

RemitONE Proton™

Named account, IBAN and sort code

Access via RemitONE system

Merchant services settlement

Competitive margins on foreign exchange

Onward payment services to your overseas correspondent bank accounts

Common Questions

  • Q. Who can purchase the Launchpad™ proposal?

    A. Any business looking to launch or expand their money service business can avail our Launchpad service. The tailored proposals we prepare include business plan, new business setup, new partnerships and concept to growth. Our regions of expertise are UK, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

  • Q. How will I get connected to key individuals that are within the RemitONE Ecosystem™?

    A. Along with the delivery of the proposal, we will formally introduce you via email to partners mentioned in the Launchpad™ proposal. If you and the partner decide to work together, you will need to sign agreements directly with them. Remember, you’ll be getting special rates from our partners.

  • Q. Do I have to use the RemitONE platform if I purchase the Launchpad™ proposal?

    A. No, you don’t need to use RemitONE as the software vendor for your money remittance business, but we’re sure you’ll love it!

  • Q. Once I’ve received the Launchpad™ proposal from RemitONE, how long will it take for me to establish my business and what will be the costs prior to going live?

    A. There are various components you need to consider before you can start operations, including: company setup (if required), a proven compliant software platform (we can provide this), MSB License application, MSB bank accounts, send/pay-out networks, etc. Hence, the timescales will vary. The Launchpad™ proposal will contain estimated timeframes and costs of each component.

  • Q. Could I get a license without using RemitONE Nucleus™?

    A. In theory yes. However, the reality is that you have a much higher chance of success by working with an experienced partner. Why take the risk of rejection?

  • Q. Why do I need the RemitONE Nucleus™ test system?

    A. Having a compliant system is a critical element of getting a license. Our test system helps you to overcome the need to show that you are compliant. We host it, but with your logo and branding.

  • Q. What part of the RemitONE Nucleus™ process moves us into a production system?

    A. Once we have successfully helped you to get your license and connected you to our partners (and you’ve signed up with them), we upgrade you to a live production system.

  • Q. What is RemitONE Connections™?

    A. RemitONE Connections™ is a network of our clients, partnerships that we’ve established and third-party service providers that together can get you up and running quickly and keep your business building. RemitONE customers have access to the RemitONE Connections™.

  • Q. How long does it take to process my application via RemitONE Proton™?

    A. It can take approximately 4 weeks to complete the application, subject to compliance and due diligence procedures.

  • Q. For RemitONE Proton™, what are the fees involved and to whom do I pay?

    A. There are three payments involved that you would need to make: (a) RemitONE Administration Fee – this is the RemitONE introduction fee; (b) Application Processing Fee – this is the fee that you will be invoiced for the bank account application; and (c) RemitONE Consulting Fee – once you get your bank account, RemitONE will invoice you for the third payment.

  • Q. Can I deposit money (cash) into the account established via RemitONE Proton™

    A. No. The bank depository mechanism will be electronic only, so all deposits must be ACH or wire transfers (Domestic) or for merchant settlements.

  • Q. Can an account application via RemitONE Proton™ be refused?

    A. Yes, ultimately the bank is the one that is keeping a check on the risk profile of each client. They can reject the account application. Whilst most entities may qualify, others may not, based on their risk profile.

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