Kabayan Remit

Company Type

Money Transfer

UK to Philippines, Send

Business Problem
New entrant, online transactions, customer loyalty programs, integration with key partners in the Philippines

MTE, ORM, Integrations
Hosted (SaaS)

High growth, strong online capability, excellent loyalty offerings, strong integration with mobile network operators

Kabayan selects RemitONE to build their UK to Philippines remittance business

When Kabayan Capital launched Kabayan Remit to build on their existing successful loans business for the UK’s Filipino population, the RemitONE remittance platform was the natural choice to support their growth plans and attract their tech savvy customers.


Headquartered in the UK, Kabayan Remit is one of the leading brands in the money transfer industry focusing on the UK to the Philippines corridor. Their parent company – Kabayan Capital – was already trading successfully in the loans sector for the Filipino diaspora in the UK. Getting into the money transfer space to cater to their impressive and loyal customer base was a natural evolution, so they launched Kabayan Remit and for that they needed a proven money transfer platform.

Kabayan Remit has as their payout partners some of the biggest brands in the Philippines, including Globe and E-Money Plus.

Their excellent social media presence continues to target their customers with loyalty programs to ensure they return for additional added-value services.

Business Challenge

More specifically, Kabayan required:

  • A sophisticated online solution to match their tech savvy customers
  • Support with licensing arrangements and a 3 stage go to market strategy
  • Ability to generate promotions, discounts & loyalty programs
  • Integration with mobile network operators (Globe)and remittance network giant E-Money Plus in the Philippines
  • Robust online card payments from customers
  • Rapid deployment to get to market quickly but would allow for scale
  • Online capture and automated verification of customer details in line with AMC and KYC regulations

Money Transfer Solution

RemitONE provided Kabayan with the following solutions:

  1. Money Transfer Engine™ (MTE), the industry leading money transfer platform used by banks and MTOs worldwide
  2. Online Remittance Manager™ (ORM), the online self-service remittance platform, to let Kabayan’s customers create transactions online through laptops, tablets and smartphones
  3. Hosted (SaaS) platform

The RemitONE solution provided the following features for Kabayan Remit:

  • MTE integration with ID Verification service provider Experian to ensure EDD and KYC checks are performed automatically
  • The platform allows Kabayan Remit to set a range of promotions & discount rules for customer loyalty initiativesg. 10% discount to any remitter who sends £100 in the Christmas period
  • Robust and easy to use online platform for Kabayan Remit’s customers
  • Multiple payment methods for remitters are available in the system e.g. bank account transfer, SOFORT Banking and integration with a payment processor to facilitate debit and credit card payments online
  • Integration with mobile network operator Globe and remittance network E-Money Plus for payout

Business Benefits

Growth & Scalability – The RemitONE platform has played a key role in helping Kabayan Remit witness over 500% growth in their transaction volumes within a year. The platform has scaled rapidly with KABAYAN REMIT’s ever increasing transaction volumes.

Building upon the success of their UK operations, Kabayan are now aggressively looking to expand into Europe, Scandinavia and North America.

Integration – The platform has integrated with a number of correspondent entities in the Philippines, allowing Kabayan Remit to strengthen and rapidly grow its business network.

Customer loyalty – The RemitONE platform has allowed Kabayan to benefit from the existing customer base of Kabayan Capital and has added value to the overall customer relationship and promotional offerings.

After reviewing several money transfer platforms we decided on RemitONE because of the flexibility of the platform and the client focussed service provided by the whole team at RemitONE. They understand the money transfer sector and take a professional, business orientated view to effectively support Kabayan Remit's rapid growth.

Simon Roberts, Finance Director Kabayan Remit