FAQ: Integration With Other Banks and MTOs

What is the integration cost between my RemitONE platform and another RemitONE client?

We charge a nominal one-off fee of GBP 500 to connect your RemitONE platform with any other RemitONE platform on the planet!

How can RemitONE platform integrate with my correspondent entity (if the bank is not a RemitONE client)?

There are a number of ways through which your correspondent entity can accept and payout transactions.

RemitONE Payout Interface: Your correspondent entity can simply access your white labelled RemitONE system to pay out transactions. All they need is a browser and access to Internet. This is the simplest and most cost effective approach for you and the correspondent entity

FTP integration: This is an older communication method, but still used by a large number of players in our money transfer industry. It involves the exchange of formatted CSV files over an FTP location, with a pre-defined protocol and file structure. This protocol and file structure can differ between correspondent entities. There is normally a slight delay in the processing of files. Also, the number of functions available is normally limited to transaction exchange: new transactions, processed transactions and cancellations.

Simply put, RemitONE system will push file with all the relevant transactional data onto an FTP server. The correspondent entity will pull that file, pay out transactions, and push an updated transactional file back on to the FTP server. The RemitONE system will then pull the new file from the FTP server and update its records.

API integration: This is the modern method and allows for richer functionality. This integration handles not just transaction flows but also real-time queries for rates and charges, as well as routing information. All calls are instantaneous without delay. There is no need to maintain an interchange FTP server for storing the data files. Each correspondent entity will likely have an API, so again either the other correspondent entity uses the RemitONE API or the RemitONE system will need to develop a module to utilise the correspondent entity’s API.

Does the RemitONE platform integrate with other MTOs and correspondent banks that are not on the RemitONE platform?

We integrate with a number of MTOs and banks that are not on the RemitONE platform. If you are using the RemitONE platform, you can gain access to all these valuable integrations we have in place. For a nominal, one off fee of £500, we can connect your RemitONE platform with any of our list of correspondent entities worldwide. To get a list of the integrations we have in place, please contact us.

I have an established money transfer business. Can I connect with international delivery networks of large banks or MTOs if I use RemitONE?

Yes you can. RemitONE platforms integrate with top-tier banks and leading MTOs with vast delivery networks worldwide. With our RemitONE Connections, you are able to tap into new markets immediately without incurring unnecessary overhead costs and having to allocate vital resources. When you sign up to any of our money transfer products, you can choose from the banks and MTOs we work with and we can connect you to them. If you are an MTO start-up, you can benefit by gaining quick access to a large delivery network.

Contact us for more information on the MSBs we work with.

What Others Say

I can’t thank you enough for all the assistance you have given me. For a businessman venturing into this new endeavour, you made things easier by providing me with all the information I need and making sure that everything is being taken care of. Whenever I have queries, you are quick to respond and ready to assist… I would highly recommend your product and services to my colleagues in Lending, who want to venture into the MSB business space. Your service is unmatched… I can say this as a very satisfied RemitONE customer.

Rolando Jr Corbeta
Rogin Financial

The RemitONE platform has been built to meet the needs of all types of banks and money transfer operators. It has been developed with a thorough understanding of the remittance market and therefore addresses the specific needs of the industry – this contrasts with a number of other systems which are really adjusted banking systems and are not appropriate for remittance operations. The RemitONE platform is appropriate for businesses around the world and is particularly strong for managing agent networks and compliance.

Leon Isaacs, Managing Director
Developing Markets Associates

We pay great attention to the efficiency of our IT systems, combining such vital components as security of transfers, anti-money laundering policies and many more client conveniences and services. Having exchanged our views of possible collaboration with our colleagues at RemitONE, we came to the conclusion that they can perfectly meet our demands and high operational standards. The team at RemitONE are dynamic professionals who thoroughly understand the money transfer industry.

Jeffrey Phaneuf, CEO
Tempo France

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