Remittance on Blockchain Webinar Series February 21, 2019

The emergence of Blockchain technology has provided a range of innovative solutions to the financial services industry. Banks and money transfer operators are always looking for ways to reduce transaction costs, mitigate fraud and increase transaction speeds. Blockchain does exactly this because it replaces the centralised business model by cutting out the middleman and simplifying the cross- border payments process.

Remittance on blockchain is fairly a new concept. We need to understand how Cryptocurrencies such as Stellar and Ripple provide an effective measure of settlement and the prospect of a fast, secure and low-cost payments system.

The remittance on blockchain webinar series is a four-part series launched by RemitONE in association with Bitspark, a crypto-financial services provider. Bitspark has pioneered the world’s first blockchain powered end-to-end remittance service in addition to a blockchain auditable feature rich trading exchange.

The purpose of the webinar series was to provide an insight into blockchain adoption for cross border payments and using cryptocurrency for settlement. The 4 part webinar series is packed with valuable information from industry experts.

Here is the breakdown of what we covered in the series along with the links to the webinars.

16 Jan – Webinar 1
Introduction to blockchain and cryptocurrency.
Blockchain is still an emerging technology, so it’s difficult to understand how it works. To help with that, our first webinar provides you with the fundamentals to understanding what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are, how they could be used for a variety of purposes and which countries have adopted them. Watch it here.

23 Jan – Webinar 2
Blockchain and cryptocurrency in the remittance space
Hear how businesses and remittance operators can collaborate to reinvent themselves with blockchain. Now is the time for the remittance community to understand how this technology works, the potential use cases, and how it can add value to your business. Watch it here.

30 Jan – Webinar 3
Going bankless with blockchain and cryptocurrency
De-risking has severely impacted the remittance industry and has affected money transfer operators and traders alike, particularly those without foreign currency accounts. What solutions are there for going bankless with blockchain and cryptocurrency? Watch it here.

6 Feb – Webinar 4
Leveraging cryptocurrency to evolve remittances
Learn how entrepreneurs are using cryptocurrencies to disrupt the remittance industry. How can ‘stablecoins’ provide you with better FX rates, help you earn more and evolve your remittance business? The blockchain’s promise is real and ready for your business. Watch it here.

If you’ve missed out on these webinars, then we have recorded the series and have launched them on our YouTube channel. If you wish to find out more about the RemitONE and Bitspark series, please get in touch with our friendly sales team.

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