Leading US based MTO Finnetec Migrate to RemitONE’s Money Transfer Systems January 3, 2012

As owners of reputed money transfer brands nuffstuff and Goldpay, Finnetec Corp. work with established banks in Latin America and West Indies and have adopted RemitONE’s money transfer platform to drive their international remittance operations.

Finnetec Corp., a highly respected US based corporate payment processor and MTO specialising in remittance operations to South America and the West Indies, have adopted RemitONE’s avant-garde multichannel money transfer systems to streamline business operations and provide enhanced customer service to their POS and online customers. Owner of well-known brands such as nuffstuff and Goldpay, Finnetec work with reputable banks in Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago and other Latin/Caribbean countries and have an inventive industry model that ensures seamless cross-border cash transit whilst adhering to KYC and AML regulations.

Finnetec were looking for an established remittance technology solutions provider that could deliver a secure and robust money transfer platform with easy-to-use user interfaces available in multiple languages and have the scalability to cater to Finnetec’s expansion plans and integrate easily with remittance systems of correspondent banks and other MTOs they work with. Finnetec also placed weight on the exposure they will get through RemitONE’s international clients (R1 Community) to further expand their business. Finnetec, after evaluating several vendors, asked RemitONE to provide them with their proven money transfer system.

Mr Adewale Luke, Director, Finnetec Corp., commented,

“We are very happy to be working with RemitONE. We have found their system to be flexible and easy to use. The level of support we have received from RemitONE staff has also been very good. We look forward to making use of RemitONE’s client network to tap into new markets.”

Mr Aamer Abedi, Director of Marketing, RemitONE, said,

“It is a privilege to be working with such a valued name as Finnetec. We believe that our capability in providing world-class money transfer systems combined with Finnetec’s innovative business model will facilitate cross-border transactions between the US, South America and the West Indies in a transparent and cost-effective manner.”

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