Leading International MTO, AFF, Adopts the RemitONE Money Transfer System December 1, 2011

AFF is the owner of the Quick Remit brand and has adopted the RemitONE platform to tap into new remittance markets of West Africa, Latin America and the Middle-East.

Owner of the online money transfer service Quick Remit, Australia Forex & Finance (AFF), the Australia based MTO with a global footprint, have adopted RemitONE’s industry-leading multichannel money transfer systems for their POS and Online customers. AFF work with established banks across the globe and have a highly innovative business model that ensures advanced KYC checks and adherence to AML compliance procedures and instant fund settlement.

AFF were seeking not simply a vendor but a Solution Partner at the vanguard of remittance technology that could share high-tech innovations with them on a continuous basis. They wanted a partner that could provide a secure and robust money transfer platform with easy-to-use user interfaces and have the flexibility to accommodate AFF’s rapid growth and integrate easily with remittance systems of correspondent banks and other MTOs they did business with. AFF placed special emphasis on a solution partner that was reliable and had experience in providing quality support for international remittance businesses.

Having evaluated their options carefully, they chose RemitONE.

Mr Asif Khan, CEO, AFF, commented,

“We are very happy to work with RemitONE. We are impressed with their money transfer platform and the level of support they have provided us. With our global network backed by RemitONE’s platform, we are confident in providing customers with an exceptional service that is convenient and competitive.”

Mr Aamer Abedi, Director of Marketing, RemitONE, said,

“We are excited to be working with such a respected name as AFF and their Quick Remit brand. We believe that our expertise in money transfer systems coupled with AFF’s international reach will greatly benefit the remitters and beneficiaries.”

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