Meet the 2022 Summer Interns July 26, 2022


RemitONE is thrilled to welcome our 2022 summer interns working in the Sales & Marketing department!

Zayn and Safiyyah are the latest members to join RemitONE and are already proving to be great additions to the team.

We caught up with them after their first few weeks to hear more about their background and the benefits of doing an internship with RemitONE.

Tell us about some of your proudest achievements?

Zayn: The fast learning curve that I’ve experienced in boxing is something that I’d consider to be an achievement, as my plan is to be able to participate in licensed matches in the future. Another achievement would be the fact that I’ve started a small business, which is a course in technical analysis. There’s still a lot of work to be done, so the plan is to scale this as much as I can before starting a second business.

Safiyyah: I’d say my proudest achievement is being able to paint portraits of people and nature landscapes. I’ve been studying art history and perfecting my techniques over the years, using different mediums like oil, acrylic, and watercolour. I was able to utilise my skills during my A levels a year ago, where I scored almost full marks and achieved an A* in fine art. My work has been photocopied and is displayed around my school.

What problem in the world do you hope to fix at some point in your life?

Zayn: I feel that the path to successful entrepreneurship can be overwhelming for most people, and isn’t catered to by most education platforms. So I want to overcome this issue by creating packages of information that are proven to aid any young person’s journey into the business world. To do this, I know that first I’ll have to make significant progress in my journey, hence my goal is to keep undergoing a coherent cycle of learning, applying, and monetising everything that I can.

Safiyyah: I’d like to help fix climate change-related issues, specifically reducing plastic pollution by cutting down on buying products that overuse plastic in their packaging. I think if everyone makes a point of purchasing sustainable products, large corporations will be incentivised to explore alternative materials that can be integrated into our society for the greater good of the planet.

What are your favourite quotes?

Zayn: One quote I really like is “Be the chess master, not the king.” – which is an intriguing reference as the king is controlled by the chess master. I feel like this quote can act as an example of how to live your life.

Safiyyah: “Love the life you live. Live the life you love.” – Bob Marley

How have you found the community at RemitONE?

Zayn: The community at RemitONE has always been cooperative, supportive, and really fun. It’s quite difficult to find a flaw as everyone treats each other really well. The workload is manageable, and we have multiple catch-up sessions each week to ensure it stays like this, which is a sign of good structure and ethic. If the workload ever gets too much, it’s very easy to approach the team for help.

Safiyyah: Everyone is friendly and hardworking. I find it easy to communicate with other team members when I have questions about the tasks I’m doing, and I have received helpful feedback that I’ve used to improve the quality of my work. I like working within the marketing department because of this support.

What do you hope to have achieved before you turn 30, and how do you think that your internship will help this?

Zayn: Before I turn 30, I’d like to learn 2 skills that are in demand, and then monetise my knowledge on them. Eventually, I’d like to start a B2B software, in which case I’m certain that the skills I’ve learned at RemitONE will help shape this journey. Whether that be due to the interaction with prospects or lessons learned from data analysis, these experiences will help me achieve my goals.

Safiyyah: This internship has given me experience in how a workplace environment operates and has allowed me to develop my teamwork skills, so I think it will definitely help my future self. Before I turn 30 I would like to finish university and have a career somewhere in the economics industry.

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