Omaar Global and RemitONE Join Hands October 20, 2012

Specialising in corridors from the UAE and UK to East Africa, Omaar Global have adopted the RemitONE system to manage growth and provide enhanced remittance services to customers.

Headquartered in the UAE with offices in London and other parts of the world, leading money transfer services provider Omaar Global is an established money transmitter with a powerful brand and operates in corridors from the UAE and UK to East Africa. Omaar Global has selected RemitONE to be their premier multi-channel remittance platform provider.

Omaar Global was seeking an advanced end to end money transfer platform with a business rules driven Compliance engine that could ensure the enforcement of KYC checks and AML compliance procedures for customers in the UK, UAE and elsewhere. Omaar Global wanted the remittance platform to address a multi-channel business model, including the online and mobile phone channels. Omaar Global partnered with RemitONE after evaluating several money transfer system providers in the market.

Mr Mohammed Gello, IT Director at Omaar Global, commented, “We are very pleased to be working with RemitONE and are impressed with the amount of support they have provided us so far. We are confident that by using RemitONE’s money transfer platform we can provide enhanced remittance services to our customers and exceed their expectations.”

Mr Aamer Abedi, Director of Marketing at RemitONE, said, “We are very excited to be working with Omaar Global. We believe that a solid relationship is key to success. We hope to nurture our good relationship and work with Omaar Global to make it easier for remitters to send money to their beneficiaries in East Africa, especially Somaliland.”

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