FAQ: Mobile & Online Remittance

Can people send money to their loved ones via a money transfer app or website?

Yes, people can send money through mobile phones or websites. The money service business (MSB), which is typically a bank or a money transfer operator (MTO), can make use of remittance platforms such as RemitONE’s in order to allow their customers (remitters) to register online, setup virtual accounts, create beneficiaries (receivers), send money and track all their transactions in a safe and secure manner. We offer mobile capability either via a smartphone app or via the browser on a mobile device. See how our mobile money transfer software and online remittance systems are changing the industry. Arrange a demo with us.

What about KYC and AML Compliance when providing branchless remittance services?

The customer (remitter), depending on where he/she resides, is required to register online and then submit all relevant copies of his/her documents by post to the MSB’s address. The MSB – typically a bank or a money transfer operator (MTO) – will then carry out its due diligence on the applicant. Upon the MSB’s approval, the applicant can login via the Internet or through his/her mobile phone to send money home. This ensures that KYC protocols are followed.

Reliable money transfer platforms such as those provided by RemitONE are tied into several block-lists such as OFAC, BoE (HM Treasury) and European Sanctions. Whenever a money transfer transaction is created within the system, a check is done on the remitter and the beneficiary against these block-lists to ensure AML compliance. Arrange a demo with us to see how our platform helps you address your KYC and AML issues.

What payment gateways/processors does RemitONE integrate with to facilitate online credit or debit card transfers?

RemitONE’s online money transfer software comes integrated with several PCI DSS compliant payment processors. Contact us to get more information on these payment processors and how you can advance to the next phase in remittances by providing a mobile or online platform to your customers. We can integrate with other payment processors through our Web Services API.

What Others Say

As an established leader in remittance in the Caribbean, JMMB went through a rigorous evaluation to modernise our remittance platform. After a successful pilot confirmed the selection of RemitONE, a detailed migration of the existing services and data was completed. The strong functionality of the RemitONE platform allowed JMMB to implement with minimal customisation and the regular updates to the platform continue to add value to our business.

Ernest Edwards, Manager - Group IT Projects
JMMB Group

The RemitONE platform has been built to meet the needs of all types of banks and money transfer operators. It has been developed with a thorough understanding of the remittance market and therefore addresses the specific needs of the industry – this contrasts with a number of other systems which are really adjusted banking systems and are not appropriate for remittance operations. The RemitONE platform is appropriate for businesses around the world and is particularly strong for managing agent networks and compliance.

Leon Isaacs, Managing Director
Developing Markets Associates

The RemitONE platform is highly robust, scalable and secure. We use it to reach out to customers via our agent network and online portal. The platform enables us to mitigate fraud and stay compliant at all times through both these channels. Creating compliance rules is very quick and simple in the platform and I strongly recommend it.

Mr Azad Kamrul, CEO
B A Exchange, part of Bank Asia

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