Where can I find information on Money laundering regulations?

What international block-lists does the RemitONE platform use?

RemitONE’s Compliance Manager™ has been evaluated by leading regulators and used by top-tier banks and MTOs. Our NameMatch™ application checks remitter names against international block-lists, including OFAC, HM Treasury, DFAT, CIA World Leaders, UN and EU Sanctions. See Compliance Manager™ for more information.

If we already have a provider of OFAC check service, how can it be integrated with the RemitONE platform?

In this case, we will do API integration with this provider. The provider will need to give us its API through which our platform will call this provider for OFAC checks. Arrange a demo with us to see how our platform helps you address your KYC and AML issues.

Can the OFAC checks be performed during remitter/beneficiary registration?

Currently, the OFAC checks are performed at transaction creation time, which is more secure. However, OFAC checks at remitter/beneficiary creation time can also be added in. Arrange a demo with us to see how our platform helps you address your KYC and AML issues.

If the OFAC check is done during transaction creation, and the person is flagged (i.e. his/her name is on the list), how does the administrator/agent get notified of it and how do we stop this transaction from going forward to the ACH batch file for further processing?

We can configure what happens when there is a match on the OFAC list. For example, we can set a business rule in the system which lets the agent decide if it wants to proceed with the transaction. If the agent allows it to proceed, the transaction is created and processed as normal. Or the system can be configured so that any matches on the OFAC checker will put the transaction into a hold status where a compliance officer must check and approve the transaction before it is processed. It is easy to pull up a set of transactions that require compliance approval (for various compliance failure reasons, not necessarily OFAC only). We can also add in an email alert to the system so the administrator and agent are notified. Arrange a demo with us to see how our platform helps you address your KYC and AML issues.

What sort of steps can we take once a person or transaction is flagged?

Firstly, you decide what you want to do with the transaction after it has been flagged (whether to proceed or not). You can also modify the status of the sender to ‘blocked’ so that no further transactions can be made from this sender. If you don’t wish to completely block the sender, you can mark the sender as ‘suspicious’, which means transactions from this sender will be held for extra checking. You can also add notes against the sender for informational purposes. On the beneficiary side, a beneficiary can be blocked so that transactions to that beneficiary are not allowed.

Arrange a demo with us to see how our platform helps you address your KYC and AML issues.

What Others Say

RemitONE is an innovative company that has risen rapidly in the remittance space. The key ingredients for this success, I feel, are the people RemitONE employs and the sophisticated, robust and secure money transfer platform RemitONE has produced.

Mr Shaik Vali Ahmed, IT Manager
Mode Holdings

The RemitONE platform is highly robust, scalable and secure. We use it to reach out to customers via our agent network and online portal. The platform enables us to mitigate fraud and stay compliant at all times through both these channels. Creating compliance rules is very quick and simple in the platform and I strongly recommend it.

Mr Azad Kamrul, CEO
B A Exchange, part of Bank Asia

As an established leader in remittance in the Caribbean, JMMB went through a rigorous evaluation to modernise our remittance platform. After a successful pilot confirmed the selection of RemitONE, a detailed migration of the existing services and data was completed. The strong functionality of the RemitONE platform allowed JMMB to implement with minimal customisation and the regular updates to the platform continue to add value to our business.

Ernest Edwards, Manager - Group IT Projects
JMMB Group

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