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Trusted, established, and recognised worldwide

We provide money transfer platforms to banks and money service businesses on every continent. Our clients choose us because of our:


In-depth knowledge of the remittance industry

Sophisticated KYC and AML compliance features

Focus on innovation

Simplicity and ease of use

Excellent on-going customer service


Renowned for compliance and security measures

We continually add new compliance features and implement reliable security measures to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements and risks, including:


NameMatch™ against international block-lists such as OFAC and EU Sanctions

Velocity & volume checks and per corridor limits for transactions

SSL encryption, client data protection, password security

IP, role and time based login restrictions


Used and trusted worldwide by leading banks and money transfer operators


Their trust and confidence in us is your guarantee

This demonstrates the reliability of our systems and the richness of our features


With you throughout your business journey

We provide more than industry-leading money transfer products: we support you through every stage of your business journey.


R1 Consulting service - access to experts who make sure you have everything in place to start trading

R1 Community - introductions to other RemitONE clients and third-party networks, including large banks and MTOs

Established networks give you access to countries in which you don't yet operate


Innovative approach and in-depth knowledge produces a continuously evolving system

With our in-depth industry knowledge, we're continually thinking ahead and developing our products and services.


Many new features every month keep you in front

Evolving system ensuring you access to latest technology trends

Differentiate yourself from the competition


Reliable, ethical and professional service

Built on solid foundations, our business is based in London - the world's financial capital.


All development work is done in-house

We focus solely on remittance products and services

We never put profit above people or the planet



Banks specialising in internal and cross-border remittance services can empower customers, agents and staff through our industry leading money transfer platforms and connect with several MTOs whilst ensuring optimum Security and Compliance.


Money Transfer Operators can utilise our leading edge technologies to provide a plethora of value-added services to customers, bring agents on a common platform and make business critical information instantly available to staff.


Start-up businesses and SMEs can take advantage of our money transfer systems to tap into new markets, expand their Source and Delivery Networks and rapidly grow their business whilst minimising overhead costs.


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R1 Community
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ionals, consultants and businesses from around the world.  More
R1 Consulting
We ensure you have business critical information from regional experts in the world of remittance.  More
R1 Support
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"I am really pleased to be working with RemitONE. They have a credible name, a fantastic product and a great team of professionals."

Majd El-Masri, Vice-President, Masrico
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